Join us for fun interactive lessons and seasonal recipes. From storing produce to shopping on a budget, there’s something for everyone!

Follow along as we share ways to save money on fruits and vegetables, nutrition tips from MyPlate, and how to earn food coupons to use at your next trip to a participating Food Trust farmers market.

Check out the full Just Say Yes! course here (available in English and Spanish), or click on any lesson below to watch in either English or Spanish.


Lesson 1

Market Shopping with Paulette

Lesson 2

Fruits & Vegetables with Jenn

Lesson 3

Storing Produce with Jenn

Lesson 4

MyPlate with Paul

Lesson 5

Budgeting with Lauren

Lesson 6

Food Safety with Jenn

Lesson 7

Fiber with Chalise

Watch Alex's lesson on portion sizes!

Lesson 8

Portion Sizes with Alex

Join Jenn, Mindy and Lauren as they share ways to plan, prep and save money on your daily meals!

Lesson 9

Meal Planning with Jenn

Lesson 10

Beans with Eddie

Lesson 11

Nutrition Facts Labels with Lauren

Lesson 12

Beverages with Mindy

Lesson 13

Physical Activity with Chalise

Lección 2
Frutas y Verduras
con Jenn y Wayne

Lección 3
Almacenar Frutas y Verduras
con Juliana

Lección 4
con Eddie

Lección 6
Seguridad Alimenticia
con Juliana

Lección 7
con Jenn

Lección 8
Tamaño de los Porciones
con Jenn

Lección 9
Planifique las Comidas
con Jenn, Mindy y Lauren

Lección 10
con Eddie

Lección 12
con Jenn

Lección 13

Actividad Física
con Jenn